How to Choose a Fragrance ...

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How to Choose a Fragrance ...

A cocktail of scents, emotions, fantasies, memories, colors …. Endless room for imagination and creativity. A unique opportunity to design your own personal style and an unmistakable signature. A connection between experts from developmental laboratories and leading international designers. All of that embodies the world of fragrances.

If you want to choose a fragrance that will really match your personality, it is important to try it on, if possible, directly on your skin. Testing it on a test strip in a store does not guarantee that you will like the scent when it comes in contact with your skin. You should also avoid trying too many fragrances at the same time. We recommend trying a maximum of 3 perfumes; otherwise you will not have time to distinguish between them. To help neutralize the different scents, use coffee beans. In our brand stores, you will always find a bowl of coffee beans next to the perfume table so that you can choose from among several fragrances in one visit.

When choosing a fragrance, it is also important to see whether you are trying on an eau de perfume or an eau de toilette. The main difference is the amount of aromatic essences dissolved in the alcohol base. Eau de Parfum (EdP) has a higher concentration of aromatic oil, namely 12 – 15% in concentrated alcohol, and therefore it is much more distinctive and lasts longer. The Dermacol collection of fragrances fall in the Eau de Parfum category. This means that you will enjoy their scent all day long. On the other hand, Eau de Toilette (EdT) does not last as long, is less intense and therefore, they have to be reapplied perhaps several times a day because of their lower concentration of aromatic essences (6 – 12%).

Also pay attention to the scent later during the day, not just the first moment after applying it. You may think that a certain fragrance smells good right after application, but later during the day, you might find that you cannot decide whether or not it is the right one for you. Every fragrance has three parts. Each of them uses different aromatic essences that are gradually released and the scent of the fragrance changes during the day.

The HEAD (top notes)

The head creates the first impression that you will get from a fragrance because you are able to smell it right after applying it. The head determines whether you actually like it or not. Aromatic essences contained in the head tend to be very intense, but short-lasting. We can smell them for a few minutes, up to 15 minutes at the maximum after using the fragrance.

The HEART (middle notes)

You will start smelling the notes of the heart as soon as the head tones fade away. Aromatic essences contained in the heart usually last longer, typically for about 2 to 3 hours. The heart of the fragrance defines its overall character.

The BASE (bottom notes)

The base notes appear at the very and you will smell them for the longest time. Aromatic essences in the base will last as long as 3 to 4 hours. In fragrances with a higher concentration of quality aromatic essences, you can smell the base notes all day long.

A fragrance is not just an expression of your personality and character, but also your current mood and experience. A fragrance can resemble you and express what you are feeling or who you want to be. Dermacol fragrances can be used individually or you can combine them to create a unique sensual mix. Refresh yourself with a floral scent with a hint of citrus. Add some spice to evoke a feeling of warmth and a more distinctive aroma. Create your own scent and unique style... your specific olfactory signature that will be unmistakable and will become an iconic part of you.

Image a jug of fruit juice made from peaches, lemon, black currant and maracuja and a blooming garden full of magnolias, lilies of the valley, pink peonies and freesias. Spice up this fruity and floral Magnolia & Passion Fruit scent with a hint of basal, nutmeg, vanilla, bergamot oil and cardamon hidden in the Guatemala Cardamon & Basil fragrance and escape everyday stress.

Magnolia & Passion Fruit is our flagship fragrance. It is so popular that we have decided to turn it into a jewel, a pink and golden medallion with Magnolia & Passion Fruit perfume inside. This way, you can carry our favorite fragrance with you at all times.

Hypnotic, unconventional and full of life’s energy. Such is the collection of the timeless and elegant Dermacol fragrances.