Give your eyebrows the right shape!

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Give your eyebrows the right shape!

The eyebrows are one of the most distinctive facial features. They help complete the contours of your face and attract attention. With the right shape of eyebrows, you can even appear several years younger. Due to this, the eyebrows have become the No. 1 cosmetics trend over the past few seasons. In today’s post, we will show you a step-by-step manual on how to best shape your eyebrows so that they look as natural as possible.

Basic shaping

The present trend is a natural look, in other words, it is more desirable to enhance your natural features than to artificially alter them. As far as eyebrows go, forget about excessive plucking, which creates unnaturally thin lines. Try to respect their natural shape as much as possible. To shape your eyebrows, carefully pluck only those hairs that are growing outside the natural eyebrow arch. If you pluck too many hairs from the upper eyebrow line, it will make your supraorbital arches appear too low and your eyes will appear to be set too deeply. On the other hand, if you pluck too many hairs from the lower eyebrow line, it will make your supraorbital arches appear too high, which will give you a “surprised” look.

How to achieve the right shape

Your eyebrows should be the widest along the nasal root from where they should gradually rise to approximately two-thirds of their length and then go back down over the last third. Make sure that the outer tips, where the eyebrow is the narrowest, do not point down too much. If so, the corners of your eyes will appear tired, which will make you look older. Use two pencils to best project the shape of your eyebrows. Place them transversely to the tip of your nose. Place one pencil along the nasal line and the other one towards your outer corner. Your eyebrows should start and end where the pencils cross it.

Tips and tricks

As far the color of your eyebrows is concerned, stay away from unnatural contrasts and always try to adjust it to your natural hair color; the color of your eyebrows should match the color of your hair. If you cannot find an identical shade, try to keep your eyebrows half a shade or a maximum one shade lighter than your hair. A darker shade will look too hard and will attract attention only to your eyes, not to your entire face.

If you want to naturally lift your eyebrows, frame their lower line with the special 2IN1 Gorgeous Eyebrow corrector and illuminator. Its creamy texture will even the skin tone and cover any imperfections below the eyebrows. The other end of this jumbo pencil hides a highlighting corrector that will make your supraorbital arches glow and make your eyes appear optically younger and larger.

To contour the basic shape of your eyebrows, use our classic Soft Eyebrow Pencil. First, comb your eyebrows with the special brush included in the pencil cap. Then draw your eyebrow line. Thanks to the pencil with a harder tip, you can draw a more precise line and its color will perfectly blend with your skin tone.

If your eyebrows are naturally thick and you do not need to fill in any missing spots, but only want to enhance their color and give them the right shape, use the Waterproof Eyebrow Mascara. Thanks to its practical brush, it will capture even the finest and shortest hair make them stand out. Its gel and waterproof formula will fix the eyebrows for an entire day.

To fill in any spot in your eyebrows and to make them look natural, use the Powder Eyebrow Shadow. Its fine powder formula will naturally shade your eyebrows without creating visible, sharp lines and spots that would look unnatural and harsh. Using fine and short strokes, proceed from the nasal root and fill in any missing hairs. Finally, fix your eyebrows with the Waterproof Transparent Eyebrow Mascara. The transparent gel mascara will highlight the color of your eyebrows and make them naturally shine.