A Red Lipstick for Each One of You!


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A Red Lipstick for Each One of You!

Sensual, hard to overlook, playful, legendary... What other color can evoke as many emotions as red? And yet, many women believe that this iconic color is not for them. However, the opposite is true. You just have to choose the right shade for you.

The color red has so many different shades that every woman can find the right one for her. You don’t have to limit yourself just to just “Ferrari” red. You can choose from orange-reds, raspberry, strawberry and cherry reds, fuchsia, red wine, brick and terracotta reds ...The range of colors is truly infinite. So how can you find the right one for you?

First of all, you should decide whether you prefer cold or warm red shades according to your typology. Warm color lipsticks have an orange undertone. These include the traditional “Ferrari” red, terracotta and brick reds. Our make-up artist Silvie Sieger recommends these shades for naturally blonde and red-haired women. On the other hand, dark-haired women should opt for cold reds with a blue undertone. These include shades such as fuchsia, red wine and raspberry. And also pink shades, if we are talking about lipsticks in general.

One interesting tip from our make-up artist that can help you determine which type you are is based on the color of the veins in your wrist. If your veins are bluish, you are a cold type. If you veins tend to appear green, you are a warm type. However, despite similar tips and tricks, you must remember that nobody is completely either a cold or warm type. For most of us, one or the other type prevails, but this distinction can help you preselect suitable make-up shades. When choosing a lipstick, also be aware of the color of your teeth. If your teeth are yellowish, any lipstick with an orange undertone will only enhance their color. On the other hand, lipsticks with a blue undertone can make your teeth appear grey. For that reason, take your time when choosing a red lipstick and be sure to try it on.

How can you properly apply a lipstick?

  1. Before applying a lipstick, first carefully contour your lips with a lipliner, which will help you correct their shape and stop the lipstick from running during the day. Choose a lipliner in a shade that best matches the selected shade of lipstick. This may be a tricky task, because the range of available lipliner shades is really wide. The ideal solution is to use a transparent lipliner. Dermacol offers the Hyaluron Lip Shaper. It is transparent, so it can be used with any lipstick color, and it contains hyaluronic acid, which fills in first wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to its texture, it slides smoothly over your lips, which makes the application even easier.
  2. After that, color the entire surface of your lips with the lipstick of your choice. For the best effect and an even color application, it is always better to apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Professional make-up artists always apply lipsticks in this way which helps them achieve perfect make-up without unattractive smudges and unevenly spread colors. Apply the first layer of lipstick and then press your lips against a tissue to remove any excessive lipstick. Then carefully apply a second layer. It is important to follow these steps, especially with distinctive, rich colors. Our product rage includes different types of lipsticks, such as traditional moisturizing Magnetique Lipsticks, Pretty Matte lipsticks, liquid Matte Mania lipsticks and unique 2-in-1 long-lasting 16H Lip Colours, as well as lipsticks and lipliners combined in a jumbo Iconic Lips pencil.

A red lipstick by itself can attract so much attention that you do not have to use any other distinctive make-up and you will still be noticed. Your self-confidence will increase and the people around you will see you differently. Dress your lips up in red.

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